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“What good is freedom if we don't feel it?”
Prentis Hemphill

Approach to Therapy 

My approach to therapy is experiential, collaborative and slow. We work together to understand which approaches are most supportive of your healing journey. 


I draw from psychodynamic therapies and feminist psychoanalytic theories to support my clients in deepening their understandings of themselves - their feelings, their thoughts and their actions. In other words, we work towards the "why?" -- why I feel this way, or perhaps, why do I return to these thoughts, again and again. We work collaboratively to understand how past histories continue to impact your present.  


I am an ongoing student of body-oriented healing, which has taught me much about harnessing the wisdom of our bodies to ground, heal and grow. I continue to learn from my own body, the cultural traditions I have arrived from, those I am in community with and politicized practitioners. 


I am also currently completing training at the Sensorimotor Psychotherapy Institute, where I am growing my knowledge of structured, body-oriented trauma therapy. To learn more about the sensorimotor approach to trauma, click here


For some clients, arts-based approaches can provide a gentle way to deepen into an experience and gather more insight. Arts-based approaches require no skills as they are experimental and experiential. 


I believe that our identities, our lived experiences and the systems we live within matter - inside and outside therapeutic spaces. My work is deeply informed by politicized queer, anti-racist practitioners and organizers. You are welcome to ask me about my political orientations, and how these inform my practice. 

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